Saturday night was Family Fright Fest at our house.  Mike was in charge of locating the scary movies and I was in charge of snacks.  Let me tell you:   Mike had the more difficult job.  It’s tough finding movies that are suspenseful enough for a teenager but not too scary for a 9 year old.

Mike finally settled on Rear Window and Signs after using IMDB to check the appropriateness of loads of movies.  We started with Signs. We probably should have watched Rear Window first.  The building suspense of Hitchcock seems rather tame after watching a M. Night Shyamalan movie that has you jumping in the first 10 minutes.  According to Snake, Signs was the scariest movie he’s ever seen.   He loved it but wished he had watched it when it was daylight outside.  He gave it a second viewing the next day and found it much less scary.  And more awesome.

For snacks, we had Hallow-weenies (Crescent-wrapped hot dogs), Monster Eyes (Deviled Eggs), Chips and Devilish Dip (recipe here), and Bloody Punch (Fruit Punch ice cubes in lemonade or Sprite).  Then for dessert?  Brains….mmmmm.  Well, Jell-O Brains.  Grape-lime, in fact.  It was a rousing success!  We will definitely make it a yearly event in the days leading up to Halloween. 

Readers:  How do you celebrate with your family?