In honor of Halloween Week, we thought we’d present three scary(-ish) book recommendations: one for adults, one for the young adult readers, and one for any awesome toddlers you might know.  There’s not anything better than curling up with a good book on a frightful night  – well, unless you’ve got a bucketful of Halloween candy next to you.  Because that would totally be better.  Anyway, here are the books!

For the adult reader: I have pretty particular taste when it comes to scary books. I don’t like gore or violence or grossness.  I’m a simple girl – give me atmosphere and gothic settings and I’m all in.  So, for my recommendation, I’d like to suggest a classic: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.  Even though it was first published in 1959, it still provides a satisfying scare.  It tells the story of a fragile, lonely young woman named Eleanor who takes part in a study at a renowned haunted house.  It begins like good fun in a spooky mansion, but soon becomes darker.  It’s a slim volume, so you could read it in a few hours – it’d be just the thing to pick up and enjoy while tending to the trick-or-treaters at your door! (And if you enjoy Shirley Jackson, I’d also bonus-recommend We Have Always Lived in the Castle – I just read it for the first time this weekend, and it’s really fun!)

For the young adult*:  I recently read Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki.  This book is about Timothy July and Abigail Tremens, two middle school students.  They have been paired up for a class project involving the research of an artifact.  At first, Timothy is mean to Abigail but soon they become friends.  Weird, scary things start happening after Timothy meets Abigail’s grandmother, Zilpha.  Zilpha tells them about a curse on their town and before long, Abigail and Timothy are finding out first hand what the curse does.  I really liked this book.  It was my first horror book and I thought it was just the right amount when it comes to scariness.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.  (*This recommendation comes to you courtesy of guest blogger, Emmy Lou.)

For the toddler: I asked JB what his favorite Halloween-themed book is, and his answer was pretty clear:It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff has everything a toddler could ask for in a Halloween book: humor (pumpkin with silly face), mystery (pumpkin gone missing!), and a big scare (a dog who says, “Boo!”).  We’ve read this book about 10 times a day for the past two weeks, and it never fails to please.

Tell us: What’s your favorite spooky book?