It’s been about 4 weeks since I started back to running.  My race is on Saturday.  I have two more runs to complete until race day.  I’m ready…I think.

However, my knee hasn’t been ready.

I have an old skiing injury.  Old, like twenty years old.  I like to pretend that my injury happened while doing some crazy trick skiing.  For example, I was doing a Alley Oop Flatspin 540 and landed wrong.  Or I was in the middle of a sick Flair in the Pipe and I lost air, crashing into the berm.

In all actuality, on a ski trip in high school, I ended up on a slope that was much too difficult.  After crashing repeatedly, I fell a final time and really wrenched my left knee.  An extremely embarrassing ride down the mountain on a sled pulled by ski patrol ended my ski trip and professional career.

It also left me with a bad knee.  A bad knee aggravated by three pregnancies and aging joints that gives me fits while running.  This brings me to the best $6.63 I’ve ever spent.

I will now do a shameless plug for a product that is making my running enjoyable and mostly pain-free:  Mueller Jumper’s Knee Support.  While running in the past, my knee has always felt, for lack of a better word, loose.  It felt wobbly and achy.  I knew that at any moment it was going to bend completely backwards, pitching me face first into the street.  Not a reassuring feeling while barreling down the road at a blistering 5 mph.

But now, my knee feels supported and stable.  I’m enjoying my runs again and am adding distance each time I run.  Not drastically, mind you, but in small increments.

My goal for Saturday:  Run the whole race.  I’m not going to worry about my time or my speed.  Just run the whole thing and enjoy myself in the process.

And, of course, get a sweet new t-shirt.

Wish me luck!