On Saturday, Jen and I (and Taller Half) tied on our running shoes and headed down to the Pearl District here in Tulsa for the Moustache Dash.  I’d run another 5K about three weeks ago, but Jen (as she’s mentioned here) has only recently gotten back to running – her last 5K was back in May on what shall be known as The Hottest May Night Ever.

Happily, the heat is long gone and it was a beautiful morning.  The temp was right around 50°, but with just a light breeze and lots of sun – pretty much perfect running weather.  After carefully grooming our facial hair, we were ready to go:

Y’all, it was a great course.  It was hilly, but with an equal amount of ups and downs, and the downs were often loooooong and gradual.  We ran through part of downtown, than looped back through the Pearl District.

I finished with a time of 28:35, which is my new personal best and beat my time from 3 weeks ago by 1:27; I was pretty excited!  Jen achieved her goal of running the entire race without taking walk breaks and also beat her previous time.  Taller Half also improved his time by about a minute and half, and did a pretty impressive sprint to the finish while I cheered from the sidelines (that’s my way of mentioning that I finished first!).

Here we are, full of post-race euphoria:

In fact, we were so euphoric that we all went home and signed up for another 5K, the Jingle Bell Run on December 8.

Pretty soon, all I’m going to be wearing are race t-shirts, and you know what?  I think I like that!