Last week, JB was under the weather for a couple of days; he’d gotten a flu shot and, just like after the previous year’s shot, he developed a runny nose, slight fever, and the inability to sleep for more than 90 minutes without crying.  It was rough, but we survived.  Then on Sunday, I got my flu shot and, because apparently I’m the weak genetic link, I did the same thing only with slightly less crying.  

Anyway, after all that time knee-deep in tissues and tears, I was thinking along the lines of “get well soon” crafts for this week’s Pin-tential.  And it’s a two-fer this week, because both of these are super-speedy sew-ups!

First, I made travel tissue cozies from little bit funky; there are about a million tutorials out there for these cozies, but I liked this one as it allowed you to use pretty small scraps, and I like the structure they get with the side seams and the folded edges at the opening are really crisp (I’d done a test run on a different tutorial, and it just felt…bulky).  Anyway, this takes about 3 minutes to make.  Cut rectangles, sew seams, clip corners, turn, insert tissues.  So fast, and so much cuter than a little crinkly plastic package.  

My second craft was hot/cold rice packs from Bee In My Bonnet.  I made the large ones (about 5″ x 19″ completed size), and again, these were super-fast.  Cut rectangles, cut lining rectangles (I used an old receiving blanket for the flannel), sew with walking foot, fill with rice, sew closed.  You can chill them in the freezer or heat them in the microwave depending on what your ache is requesting.  I wish I’d had a little lavender essential oil to add to the rice, as I think that could be a lovely addition.

I plan to make both of these again; in about an hour, I made four tissue cozies and two rice packs, and also wrangled a toddler and made him lunch.  You could add these to a gift basket for someone needing TLC, or just make them for yourself!