I don’t do much knitting during the summer.   Knitting and summer just don’t seem to go together.  But as the weather starts to turn cool, there’s nothing I like better than snuggling in my flannel pajamas and knitting something cozy.

I’ve knitted numerous scarves, hats, and sweaters. Not to mention a gnome and golf club covers.

But recently, I decided Dad needed a hat.  He wears his hair “very short” and his head always looks cold.  He’s also a Pokes fan so I figured the color scheme designed itself.

The pattern I chose was from Ravelry:  Rib-A-Roni by Jane Tanner.  I used a soft wool in a dark grey with orange striping.  It’s an easy to remember ribbed pattern perfect for working on while you watch TV or visit.

It also knits up super quick.  I started it a week ago.  There were several days I didn’t get to work on it but as of yesterday, here was my progress.
Doesn’t the grey and orange look manly?  🙂

And here is the final result.He hasn’t seen it yet, so Dad, if you’re reading this, “I made you a hat!”  I thought it turned out pretty good.  And of course, I tested it out.  It’s very warm and cozy.  I really like it.

Which brings me to my next project: Knit Night Hat by Judy Marples.And I’ll be making it out of this:I can’t wait!!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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