Picture it:  December 16, 1995.  Two young kids are about to embark on a grand adventure.  They have high hopes and grand plans.

Now, fast forward almost 17 years and 3 kids later.

It’s been a great marriage.  We still laugh together and act ridiculous.  We text and call each other about random things.  But even the best marriages always can be better.

It’s simple to get in a rut in a marriage.  You know each other so well that it’s easy to begin to make assumptions about the other person and take each other for granted.  You know exactly which necessary chores they never seem to notice and exactly where they will leave their dirty clothes even though the laundry basket is right there in the closet and how they apparently believe the dirty glasses are collected each night by a magical dish-washing fairy and… um, sorry, I digress.

But you fail to notice, or at least, mention all the kind thoughtful things they do without asking.  Like warm up the car on a cold morning or make sure you have plenty of your favorite coffee or buy you new running shoes when your old ones start to get worn.  The marriage rut starts to deepen.

This brings us to this week’s “This Has Pin-tential!”

We have an out-of-town excursion (which may or may not include staying in a haunted hotel) planned for the weekend of our anniversary.  So leading up to it, over the next 30 days, I will be taking on the 30 Day Marriage Challenge from iMom.  Each day, I will accept a different task to help strengthen my marriage so it’s ready to rock on for many more decades.

Here are just a few of my challenges for the upcoming month:

  • Ask “What can I help you with today?”
  • Go a whole day without correcting your husband.
  • Hug your husband three times today.
  • Tell yourself, “He really loves his family and he is doing his best for us.
  • Imagine how it feels to be in your husband’s shoes
  • Do one thing good for his health. (Make a healthy dinner; take a walk together)

There are so many more ideas, some simple, some not.  If you’d like to see the complete list, you can find it here.

The challenge will end 30 days from now on our anniversary.  At that point, I will fill you in on how the challenge has gone.

I will also give a review of our anniversary trip to a possibly haunted hotel*.

If I survive…

The hotel, not the challenge…I think.

*Editor’s Note:  It’s totally haunted.  Just wait.