So, two weeks ago, I blogged about my love of knitting during the cool months.  And I revealed the hat I made for our dad.  In case you missed it and are dying to see the “Nod to the Pokes” hat, you can find it here.

I also mentioned that I was working on a hat for myself.  Well, I finished it!    Actually, I finished it last week but I’ve been too busy wearing it to blog about it.  (Not to mention being mired in the grading of 142 research papers.)

And look! The dear husband was kind enough to take an extremely flattering picture of me to document that fact!  (Wearing the hat, not grading papers)Really?!  That’s the best picture you could take?!  Mouth open, talking?  Gee, thanks.

It was a pretty quick knit.  The majority of the hat is knit in stockinette stitch which goes super fast.  Hence the name, Knit Night Hat.  This pattern definitely allows you to visit and talk while you work.  But it also has a neat added detail at the brim.  Take a  closer look.

It’s super slouchy so if you don’t like that look on yourself, this is probably not the hat for you.  Emma was kind enough to model for me.

All my fellow knitters out there:  I encourage you to try this pattern.  It’s a free download on Ravelry and it’s really quick and rewarding!  You can find the pattern here.

So, on to my next project.*

*If I ever get all these dang research papers graded!