Our 17th anniversary was on Sunday.  From what I’ve read, your 17th is the “Spirit” anniversary.  “What?” you ask. You know, like “Golden” anniversary or “Paper” anniversary (the best one of all, right?)  Let me backtrack and explain.

Mike and I headed out to Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Friday for a weekend respite at the Crescent HotelCrescent Hotel

For those of you who have never been or even heard of the Crescent, it was built in 1886 on the highest point in Eureka Springs.  It also holds the title of “Most Haunted Hotel in America.”

It totally lived up to the name.  I took this picture in broad daylight shortly after arriving.What is that?!

What the heck it that?!  Green floating orbs?  That cast a shadow?

Now, here’s the deal y’all.  The next picture I took, the green orbs were closer, about where that spot on the carpet is.  At that point, I went back in the room*!

Later that evening, we took the ghost tour.  We heard stories of a child falling through a banister, a teenage girl plummeting to her death from a balcony, a quack doctor promising cancer cures but failing miserably and making a fortune while doing so, and many, many more.  Here are a few more sinister pictures.


Jenny and the OrbsLess sinister:  Mike especially likes this one because of the orb placement.  I’m thinking it’s a reflection.

Our tour concluded in the basement where the morgue was located during the cancer curable hospital era.  Our lovely tour guide had a member of our tour group place an EMF detector on the floor.  For those not in the know, an EMF detector picks up on electromagnetic fields.   The idea is that they pick up the subtle emf fluctuations found in haunted places or can be manipulated by ghosts.  All I know is that once the meter was placed in the middle of the dark basement (former morgue), it lit up like a Christmas tree.  And continued to light up and respond to questions asked by people in our group.  It was dadgum spooky!

All in all, we had a great weekend.  We ate loads of delicious food, did some shopping, laughed, and got the tartar sauce scared out of us.  What a great “Spirit” Anniversary!Spooky figure?

An added treat:  Check out this final picture.  If you zoom in on the window, top left, third from the left where the curtain is pulled back, you are totally going to see the shape of something.Spooky figure?

Found this one when we got home.  Good thing…because it probably would have sent me home right then!

*Where I promptly took a picture of every square inch to verify there were no suspicious visitors about.