As you may recall, a few months ago, Jen and I decided to make our parents quilts for Christmas.  Here are a few important things to know about this little adventure:

  1. I’ve only been sewing since January, and Jenny has only done little bits here and there.
  2. We’ve never made a quilt before.  I took a quilt class this summer and made a sampler quilt top, but as of this writing, still haven’t turned the darn thing into a quilt.
  3. We have no fear.

For Mom’s quilt, we wanted something very traditional and also within our tiny, tiny skill set, so we chose an Ohio Star pattern.  Jen made half the blocks, I made the other half, we both did the sashing, and then I did the quilting.  We spent part of our girls’ weekend handsewing the binding, and then that sucker was complete.  We kind of love it:

Mom's Ohio StarNow, for our Dad, we wanted something different.  Our dad is very technically-gifted – Dad can build or fix anything, and so we wanted something more clean and graphic.  Dad is also a little bit on the colorblind side, so we also wanted colors that would really pop against each other.  With all that in mind, we went with a Rail Fence.  Jen did the quilt top, I did the bordering, backing, and quilting.  And let me tell you: I clearly used up all my new quilter’s karma on Mom’s quilt, because quilting Dad’s almost killed me.  After spending the better part of a weekend ripping out my bad quilting, I finally cracked the code and finished it.  I’m so glad I took the time to undo the bad stuff – my dad would love it regardless, but Dad would never leave a job done not to his liking, and so I didn’t either.  He’s totally worth the work.  Jenny finished up the binding, and now both quilts are ready to be delivered tonight:

Dad's Rail Fence Quilt

We love you, Mom and Dad.  Hope you like your new quilts!