I don’t know about you, but after all the holiday cooking I’ve done, my house is an amalgamation of aromas.  Simply put, it kind of smells stinky and stale in here.  Especially after roasting a bunch of garlic Christmas Eve and closing the house up against the freezing conditions outside.  It’s just not conducive to airing the place out!

I pinned this Home Deodorizer so long ago, I’d completely forgotten about it.  The original idea comes from One more Moore.  Apparently, many years ago, the writer worked for Williams Sonoma and they would simmer this concoction on the stove to keep the store smelling wonderful.

Home DeodorizerIt’s just a combination of sliced lemon, vanilla, rosemary, and water.  You combine it all in a sauce pan on the stove, bring to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer.  Just add water as needed when it starts to get low.  I used an entire lemon, approximately two teaspoons of vanilla, a teaspoon of dried rosemary (because I never have fresh), and a couple of cups of water.

The rosemary is the truly wonderful part.  It keeps the scent from being too sweet and cloying.  And it works fast!  In about 10 minutes, my house smelled amazing.  Just fresh, warm, and clean.  I will definitely continue to use this little trick!