So, we purchased a new board game on Saturday.  Actually Emmy Lou purchased it with one of her Target gift cards she received for Christmas.  I hadn’t heard of the game until I saw a Facebook friend mention it in her status and how it was such a fun game.

The game is Quelf.  I have no idea where it derives its name, but the game is awesome fun!  We played it for at least 3 hours Saturday night and Mike and I arrived home after running errands yesterday to find the kids playing it again!  And it will most definitely feature heavily at the New Year’s Eve Hootenanny tonight.Quelf CollageIt begins as your typical game. Each player rolls the dice to determine who goes first.  The game only has one rule:  Obey The Card.  There are five decks of cards that correspond to the different colored spaces on the board.  Each card has a different task that must be completed lest you face the penalty.  The card categories are:  Stuntz, Showbiz, Roolz, Scatterbrainz, and Quizzle.  Let me give you an idea of what types of things you might be expected to do.

  • Roolz cards are rules that either the group or individuals must follow during the course of the game.  The Roolz remain in effect unless a new Roolz card is drawn.  For example, during one game alone, Man-Child had to sit on his hands unless it was his turn, I had to announce “I have you now” any time I made eye contact with anyone, and Emmy Lou had to clap and shout “Alakazaam” anytime a card was drawn.  If you fail to follow the “Roolz”, you are penalized by having to move backwards a certain number of spaces.
  • Stuntz and Showbiz cards are very similar.  They are actions or performances that must be completed.  Some are confidential, others can be announced.  At one point, Snake had to leave the room and return with an article of clothing on inside out, I had to remove an article of clothing (a sock) and swing it over my head while singing “Rawhide”, and Man-Child had to redecorate the room we were in while speaking like a decorator.
  • Scatterbrainz are group tasks.  The player who draws the card chooses one of the two categories listed.  Then play proceeds around the group with each person listing an item in that category.  This continues until someone repeats something previously mentioned, can’t think of something, or gives up.  That person must then face the penalty.   The categories are things like:  Body parts found on animals and not on humans, Presidents, and Items found in a survival kit.
  • Quizzle is the final category.  This is the trivial pursuit part of the game.  The card offers a True/False or Multiple Choice question.  You must answer correctly or face the penalty.  Oftentimes these cards also have a bonus questions you can answer to redeem yourself.

Like your typical game, the first person to reach the end wins…if you can answer a final Scatterbrainz card.  The kicker for this final challenge?  Each player gives one answer but for each round, you must give two.  If you can successfully do so, you are the supreme champion!*

If you and your family are looking for a new game, I highly recommend Quelf.  It has a little something for everyone.  Trivia, singing, dancing…even weird blessings.

And a blessing from Quelf is what I’ll leave you with on this, the last day of 2013.

“Biscuit child, be kind to me. Bring me warmth, honey, and flowers; for it is I, the last person to read this when I wasn’t here before, so if you aren’t what I am then, honey will bloom a flower of honey-baked ham with no warm gravy for the children of my bubbling biscuits, so be kind to me for I am cold and alone. Amen.”

*Which I was twice.  Of course…