Last week, Jen and I planned to post about our New Year plans – what we were hoping to accomplish this year, or what we were going to work towards.  But then JB came down with a cold, and I caught it shortly thereafter.  Instead of starting my year with any shiny new plans, I spent the first week of January knee deep in tissues and cough-drop wrappers.  

We are all well on our way to healthy around here now, so we thought we’d share how we’re hoping to shape our new years.  Maybe pop into the comments and tell us your plans, too? – Megan

** Megan fails to mention she also afflicted me with the sickness.  🙂 – Jenny **

Jenny, you afflicted yourself – JB told me how you were kissing up on him even though he was sickly. – Megan

Megan: In truth, I’m not really a resolutions kind of girl, in that I don’t make a list of what I want to differently for the year.   I do, however, like to aim my focus on certain things and try to bring more of those into my life.  This year, I’m going to choose two phrases as my guideposts for 2013.

First, “Be Disciplined.”  This one is really important to me; I let myself off the hook quite often in terms of acting with discipline, but my life works better when I don’t.  The key part of this, though, is I’m only going to focus on being disciplined in the things that matter to me.  For me, I’m happiest when I’m disciplined in a few areas: my health/exercise, housekeeping, and creative pursuits.  I’m not going to waste my energy on, like, living frugally or making everything from scratch or getting super-organized, because those don’t make much impact on my baseline of happiness.  However, getting frequent exercise makes me a calmer, more energetic person, and not living in a dirty clutterhole of a house makes me feel rested and peaceful; most importantly, carving out near-daily time for something creative keeps me connected to my spirit and makes me more able to give in all my relationships.  It’s time to be disciplined in those areas and I know I’ll be happier for it.

Second, “Be Scared.”  Y’all, truth-telling time here:  I’m shy.  And because I’m shy, I usually have a hard time connecting with people; as a result, I often feel lonely.  I’d like to cultivate more friendships, and in order to do that, I’m going to need to do things that scare me, like talk to the other moms at story time or strike up conversations with people who interest me.  It’s hard to not listen to that voice in your head sometimes (mine sounds like Carrie‘s mom – “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”), but it’s okay to be scared and do the scary thing anyway.  And I definitely want my son to see me doing that.

Jenny:   I’m with Megan in that I’m not really a written down resolutions kind-of person.  Which is totally weird because I am such a list maker.  And I really like Megan’s idea of having guideposts for the year.  So, I’ve chosen two phrases as a mantra for this year: Living Fully and Let it Go.

The first, Living Fully, is embracing what’s good for me, whether it be eating more fruits/vegetable, drinking coffee while knitting, or taking a Sunday afternoon nap (which I find hard because I feel like I should be doing something.)  For instance, Emmy Lou has decided to take up running and I’m encouraging her in that.  If that means I don’t run my 3 miles I planned because I’m running a shorter distance and spending time with her, that is exactly where I should be and what I should be doing:  Living Fully in that moment with her.  I want to be present and fully involved in all aspects of my life:  family, exercise, crafts, you name it!

“Let it Go” will be harder for me.  I’m the queen of laying awake for hours at night worrying about things over which I have no control.  What exactly can I do about a situation at school while snuggled in my bed?  When I worry, I solve nothing.  My goal is to work toward letting go those things that don’t matter or can’t be remedied;  I’m pretty organized and get things done.  I need to trust myself and not fret about what’s out of my control.  Give myself permission to relax.