If you’re a knitter, you’ve probably spent the last few months working your fingers to the bone on Christmas gifts.  Pouring love, sweat, tears, and profanity into those hand-made treasures.

Then, January.  The pressure is off to get things finished and it’s time to indulge.  Sumptuous fibers, smooth bamboo needles, projects just for you.  Selfish knitting month…the best month of the year winter (remember, I’m a teacher…June is the best month of the year!)

So, maybe I started my selfish knitting early.  And maybe I finished my project. Compass Cowl 2

The project:  Blue Sky Alpacas Compass Cowl.

The fiber:  Brown Sheep Burly Spun Yarn in Orange You Glad.

The knitter:  Happy, happy, happy.

And the final result?Compass Cowl

Awesome.  Plenty of time to start another!!