Fellow Smart Phone Users–

How many Apps do you currently have on your phone that you never use?  If you’re like me, loads.  You download them thinking, “Cool!  That will be so useful, fun, convenient, etc…”  And then you use it once, maybe twice, if you’re lucky.

But one app I love to play with and actually use is the All Recipes Dinner Spinner.

Last week, the whole family was out running errands and we were discussing what to have for breakfast the next day.  Coffee Cake was the verdict from the passengers in the car.  So, I went searching on the All Recipes app for a likely candidate.

What I found was a zillion coffee cake recipes.  Time to narrow the field.   I wanted easy.  Cinnamon Coffee Cake II* fit the bill.  It goes together in less than 10 minutes and uses a yellow cake mix, as well as both vanilla and butterscotch pudding.  You can find the recipe here.Cinnamon Coffee Cake IIAccording to my hearty eaters who polished off all but 2 slices, this was the best coffee cake ever.  It was so moist and cinnamon-y.  It slid right out of the pan which is shocking since I usually have to perform cosmetic surgery on my bundt cakes to make them fit for public viewing.   And the aroma was scent-sational!  (See what I did there? Scent-sational…)

I will be keeping this recipe in my arsenal for the next time I want a warm and quick breakfast cake.  Try it out and let me know what you think!Cinnamon Coffee Cake* I never actually found Cinnamon Coffee Cake I.  But after stumbling upon this one, I quit looking.