Y’all, it’s cold outside.  While “cold” in Oklahoma is a relative term, it’s still chilly enough to drive me indoors, to steaming mugs of tea and soft blankets and thick quilts.  I want to snuggle down into a little cocoon and not emerge until April.

Of course, that’s not really an option.  So I’ve been spending my time doing cozy things like baking and starting a new quilt and knitting.

Yeah, I said “knitting.”  Jen’s not the only knitter around here (though she’s the only good one).Secret knitter.

A week or so ago, I decided I needed a cowl (probably after seeing Jen’s awesome one), so I set out looking for a project.  I found this one at sixoneseven and it met my requirements: no complicated stitches and using yarn/needles I already owned.  Well, almost: her pattern calls for US13, but I used US11 instead because it’s what I had and I figured it’d be close enough – it’s a cowl, not a fitted garment, you know?  And I had a 3/4-finished scarf in my closet that I frogged to obtain the yarn – I just don’t wear scarves, so it was time to give that project up.

It was a quick knit and I finished it over the course of two days, just knitting when watching TV in the evenings.  I blocked it perhaps a bit larger than the pattern intended, but I like it that way – I don’t love things touching my face and it was close to doing so before the blocking.

And then I had to take a picture of it – here’s the awkwardness.  My camera is a very basic point-and-shoot and I had to build a mighty tower o’ stuff to perch it on for the self-portrait.  So, pardon the blurriness and the awesomely uncomfortable look on my face and just admire the sweet cowl:Let's pretend this isn't happening.

If you’re a novice knitter like I am, I’d really recommend this pattern.  I didn’t say a single curse word while making this, and that is my benchmark for an easy project!

Tell me: when the weather gets cold, what sort of creative pursuits are you drawn to?