Last Friday, Snake had minor oral surgery.  He had an extra front tooth that we affectionately dubbed his twin.  Here is an expert artist rendition of what I believe would have transpired within Snake’s mouth had we not had the extra tooth removed:Snake's Twin We have been blessed with this one.  This was his first surgery.  He’s 9.  That’s old in comparison to the other two.

But because it was his first surgery, it was anybody’s guess how he would respond to the anesthesia.  Apparently, there are usually two reactions:  hilarious or emotional wreck.  We should have been able to guess in which category Snake would fall.  Here are just a few of the strange things he said.  To truly appreciate it, picture it incredibly slurred and extremely loud.

  • That was weird.  When I closed my eyes, I saw a drawer slide out of that table and I was on it!
  • Oooo….my feet.  They’re so numb!
  • I can fly!  See!  I can fly!  This was accompanied by Superman arms.  It was especially exciting when he did it while walking.  Luckily, Dad was there to keep him from face-planting on the floor!
  • Did you do the surgery yet? (Asked approximately 10 times) This was then followed by very loud, “Yays!” and “Woohoos!”?
  • Who took my feet?  There aren’t any feet in my shoes!
  • I need my teeth!  I have to have my teeth!
  • My lips are chunky…

And so many more.  I was completely useless because I was laughing so hard.  But you don’t have to just take my word for it.   Head on over to our Facebook page and see for yourself!!  You won’t be sorry!  —————————————->