Every morning (or night if I’m not procrastinating), I walk into my closet and sigh.  I stare at the choices and walk away.  I return, resigned, knowing that I have to pick something.  I can’t wear these yoga pants and hoodie to school.  I have to choose something, anything to wear.

But I hate everything I own.  That shirt touches me weird.  The waist on those pants squeezes or gaps.  Nothing matches.  How did I end up with stuff that goes with nothing else in my closet?  Why’d I even buy this stuff?!  Maybe you do the same thing?  Or maybe it’s just me.

Saturday, Megan and I ran errands.  I tried on jeans that didn’t fit.  So fun.  I gave up.

Over lunch, we discussed a website I found about capsule wardrobes.  If you’re unfamiliar, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential classic items that work interchangeably with each other and get jazzed up with accessories and seasonal pieces.  You end up with a large number of looks using a small number of items.   Megan built one for herself a while back and I thought maybe this was what I needed to battle the hatred I felt for the contents of my closet.

So Saturday afternoon, after perusing Putting Me Together and learning about building a remixable wardrobe (you can find the series here), we purged my closet.  I carried everything out and piled it on the bed.  Then we went through it all, comparing it to a list we’d made of Essentials, Additions and Finishers, keeping what worked and getting rid of what didn’t.   Megan showed me new ways to mix colors, layer items, and rework what I already owned.  With the addition of a couple pairs of flats, two t-shirts, a pair of skinny belts, and tights, I have a new love of my clothes.

It seemed that just clearing out the clutter allowed my to see what I had that I actually liked.  And figuring out new ways to style my existing items makes getting dressed much more fun in the morning.    In fact, I like it so much..I’ve planned out my wardrobe for the week!

I’ll give you updates along the way on how it’s going and post pics of the highlights.

So tell me:  What’s your favorite way to freshen up your wardrobe?