It’s no secret around here that looooove sewing.  I only started sewing in January 2012, but I’ve learned so much in these past 13 months.  And all of it? Every single thing I’ve learned?

I learned it all online.  Which I think is pretty darned awesome.

My mom did a little sewing when I was growing up and had the skills to make garments; I mean, the woman made our prom dresses, for gravy’s sake.  But she didn’t enjoy sewing, and therefore didn’t teach us anything.  So, when I found myself at 35 years old wanting to learn how to sew, I had to turn somewhere other than a sewing-crazy mom  or grandmother.  I looked around for local classes, but couldn’t find anything that met my needs.  So, I turned to the internet.

And once again, the internet didn’t let me down.  I discovered the classes offered by Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch Fabrics, and y’all?  They changed my life.  I took four classes in 2012: Essential Sewing, Sewing Clothing for Kids, Essential Quilting, and Sewing Pants. I learned so much, and developed a tremendous amount of confidence; Deborah is an incredible teacher and really emphasizes having fun while sewing, which takes the pressure off – if something doesn’t turn out perfect, that’s okay, because you’re enjoying learning.  Right now, I’m taking her Sewing with Knits class, and I think I may be getting close to conquering my fear of knits!

I’ve discovered I make the most progress in my sewing skills when I’m in a class format (it forces me to tackle things that scare me!), so I try to make sure I have a class lined up at least every couple of months.  Which brings me to one of my very favorite things: CRAFTSY.

If you’re not already addicted to using Craftsy, it’s an incredible site that provides anything the crafter/sewist might need: classes, patterns, fabric, supplies.  And inspiration!  So much inspiration!  They often offer great sales on their classes, so I’ve signed up for several.  Last week, I finished up the Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt class and now have a self-drafted pattern that fits me perfectly – pretty amazing, if you ask me!  I’m enrolled in several other classes as well and plan on taking them over the course of this next year as time allows (and my skills improve!).

It sometimes seems incredible to me that 13 months ago, I couldn’t even sew a straight line, and today I’m a competent and passionate sewist, and all because I took a few online courses.  My life has literally been changed by a skill that I learned from my house while wearing yoga pants and drinking coffee.  And while I know I still have heaps to learn, I’m so happy that I know there are resources out there for me no matter my schedule or where I live.

Tell me: when you want to learn something new, where do you turn?  Knowledgeable friends/family?  Books?  The internet?  In-person classes?  And is there anything you want to learn that you haven’t found resources for?