Yesterday, Megan wrote about all she’s learned through sewing classes.  Ya’ll, I can speak first hand:  she is amazing!  She has created so many wonderful things over the last year.

Here’s the deal:  I want to be “classy”, too.  Now, I will probably never be the sewist that she is.  I love the idea of sewing but I just don’t have the drive she does.  However, knitting is my thing.  See evidence here.

So, I made a new hat!  For myself!  I am so selfish!  Take a look!Anja's HatThe pattern is from Ravelry.  It’s called Anja’s Hat.  It was a really quick knit until I got to the brim.  Then it all went to heck.  I ended up ripping the entire brim off and jammed the hat in my knitting basket for two weeks.  Then I decided, time to try again.  Second time was the charm.  I nailed it this time!

So, we’ve reached the classy point in the post.  Megan bought me a Craftsy class!  She’s too good to me!  It’s my first online class and I can’t wait to get started (Okay, I may have already watched the first five lessons.  I couldn’t wait!)  The class is The Fair Isle Vest: Stranded and Steeked by Mary Jane Mucklestone.  I’ve always wanted to learn how to do Fair Isle but it’s really intimidating to me.  Juggling multiple colors seems super tricky, but I am so excited to accept the challenge!

This class project is kind of scary, too.  In case you don’t know what steeking is (I didn’t), it’s cutting into your knitted work!  Yes!  Cutting holes in your work.  I may need moral support when I start that part.

I’ll give you updates along the way.  My yarn should arrive this week and then I am totally going to go Fair Isle* all over the place!

*Or go crazy trying!