Y’all, look what I made!T-shirt!  Woo!

A t-shirt!  A t-shirt that I can totally wear out of the house and not have people immediately guess that it’s homemade!  Squee!

This week in my Sewing for Knits class that I’ve mentioned before, we tackled t-shirts. And the one pictured above is actually my second attempt.  When I made the first one, the sleeves were snugger than I like, so I re-drafted the sleeve pattern (using the ol’ slash-and-spread method) for a little more ease and tried again. This time, I had success!

The fabric I used is a pretty stable knit and doesn’t stretch very much, or have much drape, but it was what I had on hand and was willing to sacrifice on testing my pattern change.  Because it’s so sturdy, I chose to finish the hem and sleeves with bands – I knew it could hold up to them, and also save me the terror of hemming.  I think the pattern would probably work best in something a little bit lighter and stretchier, but this was just a test after all!

Overall, I like my new tee!  It’s not going to be my go-to pattern because of a few fit issues, but it did teach me a lot about sewing with knit fabric.   It also made me feel confident to order this pattern that I’ve been eyeing for a while: the Renfrew!

I’m so excited to think that I’ll be able to make t-shirts that fit how I like, in fabrics I love, whenever I want to, no serger required.  Double squee!

Tell me: if you sew, do you sew knits?  And if so, what’s your favorite thing to make out of them?