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Confession time: in the past 2 weeks, I’ve given JB a frozen waffle for breakfast no less than 7 times.

Totally makes me feel like Mother of the Year.

I tell myself I do that because he likes it, and it’s a breakfast he’ll eat without fail, and while all that’s true, there’s a second reason as well – I’m stuck in a rut.  It’s tempting to do what’s easy, but I always feel rewarded when I make a little more effort and give him something homemade for breakfast.

So this week, Mommy’s getting out of her rut, JB!Breakfast Cookies!

First up, I made a batch of breakfast cookies from Ellie Krieger.  I consider myself a bit of a breakfast cookie snob, and these meet my standards – definite cookie texture and flavor, just pumped up with a few healthier ingredients.  I made a couple of changes – I used all whole wheat pastry flour instead of both whole wheat and all purpose, and I used pumpkin puree instead of the carrot puree because it was handy.  I also put in some chocolate chips instead of the walnuts because I know my audience.  This is a really satisfying cookie, and one I’ll make again.

Next, I made whole wheat blueberry muffins from Gourmet.  These are amazing, in that they are made entirely with whole wheat, but have a tender, lovely texture.  The wheat flavor pairs perfectly with the blueberries, and you don’t feel at all like you’re sacrificing muffin-iness for health here.  Whole wheat blueberry muffins!

And because I’m a firm believer in saving myself work down the road, whenever I make a go-to baked good like muffins, I go ahead and measure out a few batches’ worth of dry ingredients and seal them up in a ziploc bag.  Then I just write on the bag what wet ingredients need to be added and the baking time/temp, and the next time I have a muffin craving, half the work is already done.  I’d also tell you that this might encourage another member of your household to make the muffins, but…it probably won’t.  We can pretend, though!

Tell me: What’s your favorite do-the-work-ahead breakfast food?