Megan: For all the things Jen and I have a common (such as a love of antique shops, Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and Russian Wine**), we don’t really like the same kinds of television shows.  I love Survivor, she loves Duck Dynasty.  I always watch Louie, she always watches Duck Dynasty.   I never miss Hoarders, she never misses…Duck Dynasty.  Am I right, Jen?

Jenny: Yes.  I do, in fact, love Duck Dynasty.  I also love Swamp People, Alaska State Troopers, Cajun Justice, and many other shows about strange people living in places other than Oklahoma.  I mean, you should see the stuff they do!  Hmmm…and people think Okies are weird.

Megan:  But the one show we both watch and watch and watch again?  Psych!  What I love most about Psych is that it’s always hilarious and quirky without ever being mean-spirited or vulgar.  It’s good, silly, smart fun, and that’s pretty rare on TV.

And guess what?  It premieres tonight, which is made extra awesome by the fact that the last season ended last April.   That’s right –   more than nine months ago.  Jenny could have cranked out another kid in that time (but she didn’t because she’s a slacker).   Anyway, Jenny!  Tell the people why you and yours love Psych so much!

Jenny:  I have to second your answers listed above. (Not the one about crankin’ out a kid…further above.)  It’s one of those intelligently funny shows that I can actually watch with the kids.  Sure, there are snarky jokes that slide right by the younger two, but invariably, Man-Child will be laughing his head off at them in the composed “that’s not that funny” suppressed laughter of all teenagers.  I love the rapport between James Roday and Dule Hill.  I like that all the actors seem to genuinely love filming the show together.

The kids and I have been waiting forever for it to come back!  Come on, 9 months in kid time is forever, people.  And last season left us hanging in the most horrifying way.  Henry?  Not Henry.  No.  It can’t be!***  So, while I do love me some Duck Dynasty (which also starts back tonight, Megan!), I am anticipating Psych the most.  Please, please.  Don’t leave us wanting and waiting so long next time!

* Just one of many awesome aliases of Burton Guster, loyal sidekick and super smeller.
**Russian Wine = vodka.  Not borscht, like I know you were totally thinking.  ***Actual transcript of what was screamed at the TV in our house.