As I mentioned week before last, I’ve been taking the class Design & Sew an A-Line Skirt through Craftsy,  and I’ve been having the best time playing with my pattern.  This past week, I’ve re-drafted the pattern in order to make a version with a yoke:Patterns!

That’s my yoked version pattern there on the left and the original pattern on the right (it’s totally drafted on the pages of a giant wall calendar because I’m fancy).

I tested the yoked version out in a mystery fabric given to me in a generous fabric donation from JB’s bonus grandmother; the fabric reminds me of a herringbone denim.  I looooooove it.  Yesterday I started working on a corduroy yoked version, but with an added box pleat in the front for a little visual interest.  One of my very favorite things about both skirts is the yoke facing – it’s so fun to add a little pop of color inside your skirt that’s just for you to enjoy!Skirts!

I’ve decided I’m going to have to make myself become a skirt person, because I want to keep making skirts as I’m having such fun.  Up next, I’m going to slash-and-spread my pattern to make a twirly skirt out of a lightweight denim and also another yoked version with piping out of an adorable windmill print I found a week ago.

I think one of the reasons I’ve never been a huge skirt-wearer is because I have a hard time finding a fit I like – one that doesn’t gape at the waist and isn’t too short (because I have some serious knocked knees, y’all), in a fabric that feels substantial enough I don’t feel exposed.  But now those days are over, because I have this pattern that fits me perfectly, and the skills to re-draft it any time I need a new fit.

And one last thing, just because I’m so proud.  I’ve never installed an invisible zipper in a garment before this class, so was a little anxious about doing it with the yoke on the skirt.  And here’s how it turned it:The Four Corners

Squee!  I know almost no one gets as excited about this stuff as I do, but I still had to share!