This week, Jen and I have decided to debut our 2013 projects page, the master lists of what we want to tackle craft-wise this year.  Sure, it’s March and we may be running just a couple of months behind, but that’s no reason to give up on the remainder of the year, right?

I did a lot of different kinds of sewing in 2012, quilting and clothing and home dec, which was necessary because I was starting from scratch.  I had a lot to learn (and still do!), but ultimately the main reason I wanted to learn to sew was to make clothing.


So, I’ve decided in 2013 I’m going to focus on garment sewing, specifically for me.  What I wear most days is chosen because it’s what I have and what’s available to me in stores – not because it represents me or my personal style or makes me feel particularly good.  I’d like to have more handmade items in my closet, things that I truly love to wear – 2013 is going to be the year for that.

I’ve made a list of 13 clothing projects I’d like to complete in 2013.  It seems like a lot when I see it written all out there, but a few of the patterns I’ve already made muslins of so much of the work is already done – it’s just a matter of making them in a fabric I’ll wear.  And the yoked skirt was completed last week, so I’ve already marked one item off.  Yay!

I’m excited to have structure and goals in my sewing this year, and I can’t wait to see how this goes!