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Megan debuted our 2013 Projects page yesterday and revealed her amazing and intimidating lists of projects.  She has unbelievable sewing skills and I’m sure she will just get better and better as the year goes on.

Meg’s list is so organized while mine is much more rustic*.  It’s a rather potluck sort of list with odds and ends that seem to be disconnected.  But it’s all projects I’ve been eying for a while.  Many come from classes I’m planning on taking through Craftsy.

On my list, I have a motley assortment of skills:  sewing, knitting, cooking/canning, and photography.  Here are some of the supplies I will be using in my endeavors:Project 2013 Tools (529x317)Now, unlike Megan with her incredibly lofty list of 13 projects, I have a much more manageable list of nine.  I know, much more attainable.  I am, in fact, not the super-human overachiever that Megan is.  We can’t all be as awesome as she is.

So, first on the list will be The Fair Isle Vest that I mentioned a while back.  I have just a bit more to do on a cowl I’m working on (which I should totally add to the list so I can mark it off!) then I’ll be ready to begin.

Wish me luck!

*Translate:  scattered and disorganized, lacking focus