It’s embarrassing really.  Honestly, something I probably shouldn’t even admit out here on the World Wide Webs.  Now, I’m thinking I should stop before I start.

Oh well.  I guess, admission is freeing.

Up until a week or so ago…I.  Had.  Never.  Made.  Chicken.  Fried.  Steak.

I know.  Regretfully disappointing.  Me, a born and bred Okie, having never made the quintessential Midwestern food.  I’d like to say it was an oversight on my part.  Something I just never got around to doing.  But, truly, that’s not it.

I was afraid.  It’s a labor intensive process, y’all.  Plus, it involves frying.  In case you’ve forgotten, I like my forearm skin attached.  But the people who live in my house love Chicken Fried Steak.  Like, seriously love.

So, in the name of those I love, I tackled Chicken Fried Steak.  It was exactly like I thought it would be.  Sloppy, messy, and burn-y.*  But delicious.  Really delicious.  Enough so, that I will probably tackle it again.

The Process:

Okay, so I probably could have done it without the recipe.  It’s a pretty straight forward method.  Bread meat.  Fry in oil.  Make gravy from delicious drippings left from frying meat.  Eat with mashed potatoes.   I just wanted clarification before I was elbow deep in breading.  And the results?  See for yourself!Chicken Fried SteakIgnore the bite marks.  I forgot I wanted to take a picture.  Oops.

*My forearms, not the steak.  I should really wear a long-sleeve shirt when frying.  Or a holocaust cloak.  (Yep, Princess Bride reference.  Total.  Nerd.)