Every now and then, I come across a book that I can’t stop thinking about.  Now, because I rarely buy books and depend on the kindness of the public library, I often discover really good books literally months after everyone else.  It’s okay, though, because an awesome book is an awesome book, whether you read it the day it comes out or after you’ve waited through the 89 requests that beat yours onto the waiting list.

This book, though, I was lucky enough* to find on the shelf:The Age of Miracles

When this book came out last summer, I read several reviews and they were all pretty glowing.  I mentally filed it away on my “To Read” list and so when I spotted it on the library shelf Saturday, I snagged it right away.

I took it home, started reading it immediately, had a dream about it that night, and then finished it Sunday morning. I.  Loved.  It.

I’m not a sci-fi or fantasy reader, and the premise of this book is kind of fantastical –  an 11 year old girl living an ordinary life wakes up one day to find out the rotation of the earth is slowing more and more each day.  Nothing will ever be the same; the future is no longer predictable.  The author makes this plot hauntingly believable, and I actually cried during the darn thing because I was so invested in these characters.  It’s ultimately a story of resilience and love, and of growing up in a world that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense (and isn’t that true always of adolescence?).

If you haven’t read this yet, I can’t recommend it enough.  I finished it days ago and still find myself thinking about it every day, and I expect I may pick it up to read again very soon.

*Which is why I originally had this post titled, “Getting lucky at the library.”  But then I thought maybe I didn’t want to end up with those Google hits…