Every Sunday night, I sit down with my pen, paper, cookbooks, and the laptop, and try to plan the meals for the week.

Blehhhh.  I hate meal-planning – it is my least favorite household chore.  And for me, since I do it on Sunday night, it’s also a pretty rotten way to end my weekend.

So, I’ve decided to get help.  I’ve had so much success with The Confident Mom household planner, I thought perhaps I should find something similar in regards to meal-planning.

Now, there are a lot of meal planning websites out there and you really have to look to figure out what will work best for your family.  I wanted something that offered interesting recipes, without being complicated, and with a good variety of vegetables.  No one in my family eats enough vegetables, and things will continue that way unless I bring the vegetables to our home and physically put them in front of all of us.

I finally settled on this one:  No More To Go.  The menus sounded tasty, the grocery list well-organized, and I like that there is nutritional information available for the recipes as well.  This is my first week and so it’s a little early to give a review, but I’ll report back in a couple of weeks and let you know how it’s going.  I’m excited to think I may not have to hate Sunday nights anymore!

(Oh, and Jenny signed up for it, too.  Because she wants to be me, y’all.  It’s getting a little Single White Female around here…)