When I was younger, I wasn’t always thrilled to be from Oklahoma.

Most of the people I met back then who weren’t from Oklahoma didn’t know much about us, beyond the drawls, the Native American history, and the Sooner football team.  Oklahoma felt unexciting, a little backwards, a lot forgotten, to my younger self.

Happily, that’s changed.

I’ve grown to love my home state as I’ve gotten older, and I am truly proud to be an Oklahoman these days.

With that in mind, Jen and I have decided to introduce an ongoing project here on the blog, one we are calling:The Okie Bucket List

We hope to share a lot of the awesome things that define Oklahoma: places to go, things to do, experiences to have.  Of course, The Okie Bucket List (how about we call it the OBL from now on?) can’t be comprehensive and it will reflect only our opinions about our state, but that’s the point – we want to share all the things we love about our home.

This week, we plan to post something each day for the OBL as our kickoff, and then will bring semi-frequent posts thereafter.  And because I can’t kick off the list without offering a little something today (and yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, after all!), I’d like to introduce you to my very favorite Oklahoma beer:Choc 1919

This is Choc 1919.  It’s a yummy wheat beer, but I mostly love it because it has a really great backstory.   The story is that the recipe of this beer was taught to the Italian immigrants to Oklahoma by the members of the Choctaw Nation.   One of those Italian immigrants became injured in a coal mining accident and started making and selling this beer as a way to support his family (in 1919, hence the name).  Did I mention that Oklahoma was a dry state during all this?  Anyway, he even ended up in jail for a time for his homebrewing.  But he stuck it out, passed down the recipe to his son, and now Choc beer wins all kinds of awards.   How’s that for perseverance?

If you have any suggestions, ideas or thoughts about the OBL, please let us know!  We’d love to hear your bucket lists!