The Okie Bucket ListI know you’ve been wondering where exactly “The Center of the Universe” is?  Well, you can rest easy now.  It’s located on the Boston Avenue pedestrian bridge between 1st and Archer in downtown Tulsa.   If you enter from either direction and follow the brick path, you will find yourself facing an 8 ft circle.  Center of the UniverseIf you stand in the center of that circle, you will experience an acoustic anomaly.  You can whisper, sing, make any noise you wish, and it will be amplified back to you.  Oddly enough, those just inches from you outside the circle, do not hear the echo.  Here is JB experiencing the fun that is The Center of the Universe:JB loves it!The thought is that the curved planters that surround the circle have something to do with the effect.  All I know is that you can’t live in this area without stopping by this spot.  Most Okies, by the time they’ve reached the age of eighteen, have visited at least once!

Bonus:  Just south of The Center you will find the sculpture, Artificial Cloud.  It was created by Native American artist Robert Haozous for the 1991 Mayfest.  It stands 72 1/2 feet tall and is made of steel.  The sculpture has been left at the mercy of the elements so it’s rusted and dull looking.  Apparently, the thought was that more people would look at a rusting steel cloud than a real one.  DSC_0228 (353x529)So, add both of these locales to your Okie Must See list.  They most definitely won’t disappoint!