Coneys are a big deal in Tulsa.  A coney, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a small hot dog served in a steamed bun, and usually topped with mustard, chopped raw onions, chili, and shredded cheese.  The chili isn’t the type you’d typically eat by the bowlful, either – it’s fine-ground and spiced with things like cinnamon or cloves.

There are coney places all over Tulsa and everybody has their favorite (we’ll get to our very favorite in a later post), but this is one of the best.DSC_0236 (529x353)

Jim’s Coney Island/Never on Sunday Greek Restaurant has been a Tulsa institution for over 60 years and is still run by the original family of owners.  In addition to serving really yummy coneys, they serve a small menu of Greek food as well – how awesome is that?

I pretty much always get the yeros plate – gyro meat topped with cucumber sauce and chopped raw onions, seasoned rice, green beans with tomatoes, and a salad tossed with vinaigrette.  And of course, JB goes for the coney:

It’s the kind of place that is always packed, and if you can get a parking spot out front, you feel lucky.   So if you’re in Tulsa, and you’re hungry, you can’t go wrong with Jim’s.  Unless it’s Sunday, because the name isn’t kidding – they’re never open on Sunday.