If you’re a sewing freak like me, and especially if you sew for any kiddos, you’re probably familiar with Dana of MADE.   This year, she and Rae of Made by Rae brought back their series, “Celebrate the Boy.”  One of the projects Dana featured was a kid’s Basic Tee, which I felt was a sign from the universe that I should make my boy a t-shirt.  After all, I just took that knits-sewing class, right?  Let’s put it to use!

I recently stocked up on a bunch of men’s XXXL shirts at an Old Navy clearance sale so I’d have a good stash of stripey (and frugal!) knit fabric on hand for t-shirts this spring, so I pulled out an orange one and got to work.

Dana’s pattern is only in one size to fit her own son, and she considers it a 4-5.  Now, JB mostly wears 3T, but he is…robust.  He’s got a very round tummy and isn’t narrow through his shoulders, and when I compared one of his t-shirts that fits well to the pattern, it was really very close.  I went ahead and used the pattern as is and just shortened it by about 1.5 inches.

I cut the pieces using the existing hems for the sleeves and bottom of the shirt, so that saved a ton of work.  I also used the ribbing out of the neck, and just sized it down to fit my little tee.  And here’s the result:
Basic Tee

I think it turned out really well.  The pattern certainly couldn’t be easier and was a million times easier than trying to draft my own from one of JB’s tees.  I’m really excited to upcycle a few old t-shirts that I have around the house that don’t get worn, but would look awesome on JB!

Tell me: if you sew, do you bother making basics for yourself or your kid when they’re so readily available and fairly cheap?  If so, why?