When you set out to take family pictures, you have high hopes of what the experience and outcome will be.  Rarely do things go as planned…especially when Mom is the amateur photographer.

And is using a tripod and a timer to work herself in the pictures.  You end up with pictures like this…What are you lookin' at?

And this…DSC_0097 (529x353)

Really?  What exactly is so funny?  And is it just me or can you actually hear Emmy Lou snorting?

But then, the stars align and you get a shot like this…DSC_0033 (529x424)

Or a sweet romantical one…Isn't it romantic?

And then, your children smile and magic happens.Angels...Every last one...

And that makes it all worth it.

Other would-be photographers out there:  Where are your favorite locales to shoot?