At the beginning of March, Jen and I each talked about some of the crafty projects we were going to tackle in 2013.  Of course, mine were all sewing patterns, and I’m happy to report I’ve crossed two off the list in the past two weeks!

Renfrew and DianeLet me first apologize for my headless and awkward modeling – y’all, it’s just not pretty around here sometimes.

Anyway, the shirt on the left is the Renfrew from Sewaholic and it was a dream to make.  The pattern is drafted beautifully and just flies together.  There are three lengths of sleeves and three styles of necklines included (the cowl pictured here, a scoop neck, and a v-neck) so you can create all kinds of combinations.  This one was technically my muslin (and honestly the knit is a little lightweight for this pattern, but whatev) but I love how it turned out and have worn it several times already.  I’m going to make 50 billion more of these.  Let’s just say this will be my Summer of Renfrews.

On the left, we have the Diane Kimono from Sew Serendipity.  This one has a lot of different options for length and I chose the tunic; I love a tunic because sometimes I like to eat a really large lunch and hide that fact from everyone.  I promise it doesn’t make me look as pregnant in real life as it does in this picture; it’s really very cute, and ridiculously comfortable.  I used a cotton voile, and it’s light and floaty, just perfect for summer.  I like that it’s as easy to wear as a t-shirt, but slightly more dressed up.  With the right accessories and shoes, I could look like I haven’t given up entirely on my appearance, while still enjoying those large lunches I mentioned before.  That’s a win!

What I’ve been working on this week, however, is a little more intense:thurlow pattern

That’s the 427* different pattern pieces needed for the Thurlow trousers.  I’ve made three muslins this week, and think I have the fit as good as it needs to be for my first actual attempt.  I plan to start cutting into real fabric today, and I’m hopeful the construction of the real pants won’t require something stronger than the coffee pictured above.  Wish me luck!  If I survive to Monday, I’ll let you know how it’s going!

*Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration.  But it’s a lot, y’all.