The Okie Bucket ListSo there you are, driving on 21st Street between Yale and Harvard.  And what do you come up on?  A huge yellow man.  When I say huge, I mean 76 feet tall, huge.  Let me introduce you to one of Oklahoma’s state monuments, The Tulsa Driller.

As a nod to Tulsa’s early oil boom days, the Mid-Continental Supply Company erected the statue at the 1953 International Petroleum Exposition.  It was so well received it was brought back temporarily for the 1959 trade show.  Then in 1966, it was donated to the Tulsa County Fairgrounds Trust Authority and has been a Tulsa landmark ever since.

Let me tell you:  You don’t realize how big the Driller is until you’re up close. At 76 feet is tall, he is reportedly the tallest free-standing statue in the world.  The oil derrick he rests his right arm upon is actual production size.  See photographic evidence…(That’s Emma sitting on his left boot.)The Golden Driller (353x529)He weighs in at a whopping 22 tons and is apparently strong enough to withstand up to 200 mph tornadoes.

So, if you’re cruising through Tulsa, stop by and visit The Golden Driller.  He’s hard to miss!