It all happened because I was out of shortening.

This weekend, I had a hankering for some snickerdoodles.  Now, I’ve mentioned before that I have a pretty awesome recipe for snickerdoodles, so I thought I’d make that one.  But alas, it calls for both butter and shortening, and my Crisco can was empty*.  I couldn’t just not make the cookies at that point, though – things were bordering on a snickerdoodle emergency.  Desperate, I decided to try the recipe out of my beloved Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.

This is what happened:


Are those not the flattest cookies you’ve ever seen?  It’s like I made snickerdoodle pancakes, just really, really, really crunchy ones.

I’d promised JB a cookie and when I handed him one of these, he declared it “too hard” and I had to pull some cookie dough out of the freezer to bake him a cookie he could chew.

The lesson here?  Never run out of Crisco.


*Don’t judge that I go through shortening at an alarming rate.