Last week, I ran out of thread just before I finished my new Thurlows*.  JB was having a rough week and the thought of schlepping him down to the fabric store made me cringe.  But Mommy needs her sewing fix every day!  What was I to do?

The answer:  Start a new quilt!

Yeah, it’s not the most logical thought process.  But I didn’t want to cut any new garments with an almost-finished one right there by my sewing machine, so I had to come up with something else to sew.

Back around the holidays, I started seeing a lot of quilts popping up on Flickr, Instagram and sewing blogs as part of a “Scrappy Trip Along,” quilts all made using this tutorial from Quiltville.  I wasn’t in the market to make a quilt at the time, but when I needed to make something last week solely relying on the fabric I could find in my sewing room?  Why, a super scrappy quilt was just the thing.

It’s super fast to piece these little blocks together.  I won’t explain the process here because I’ll make it sound insane, but trust me: really easy.tripalong

I’ve only worked on it for 2.5 naptimes, and I’ve already finished half of my 30 blocks.  Just seeing them all spread out together makes me so happy – it’s such a cheery, scrappy little thing!Happy scrappy quilt!

I think it’s going to become the official “snuggle on the couch” quilt! And then…back to making pants!

*I’ll be revealing them soon.  In all their purple glory.  Squee!