Here she is, y’all:Sunday Night Quilt

I am in looooooove.  It turned out exactly like I hoped it would – bright, scrappy, cheerful.

This quilt represents a few firsts for me.  It’s my first quilt for myself (and really only the third one I’ve ever made (or made part of) – the quilts Jen and I made for our parents at Christmas were the first ones for both of us.  It’s also my first time free motion quilting and while it isn’t perfect, it’s perfectly fine.

I chose to finish the binding by hand and I’m really glad I did; I love how clean it looks and it was worth the hours it took.


I’m calling it the Sunday Night Quilt, because that’s the one time each week that the three of us pile on the couch together and watch about 30 minutes of television (America’s Funniest Home Videos*, because that’s just how we roll). It’s going to be perfect for snuggling and I can’t wait for next Sunday.

I also can’t wait to start my next quilt.  I think a new handmade quilt is just the thing our bedroom needs….

*A side story: If you ask JB what happens at weddings, he says, “People fall down.”  Because when everything you know about weddings you learned from AFV, that makes perfect sense.