Back at the beginning of the year, I made one of my 2013 goals “Be disciplined.”  I am happiest when I don’t let myself slack in a few key areas, and one of those is my physical activity;  I need regular workouts to keep myself centered and off the antidepressants. I did pretty well for several months, even getting myself into a consistent morning routine before JB was up.  But then I got derailed: the TV in our shop where I work out died, and I couldn’t do my beloved DVDs or watch entertaining programs while pounding it out on the treadmill.  So for most of April, I mostly just sank into the couch.

But the TV has been replaced and so my excuse is gone.  Time to get back in the swing of things!  I’ve set three fitness goals for the next two months: to run a minimum of 40 miles in May, to be able to do 10 real on-my-toes pushups by 6/1, and be able to do the crow pose by 7/1.  None of these are crazy goals, but they’re all things I haven’t been doing (or can’t).  But I used to be able to do them all (and geez, I used to run, like, a 100 miles a month) and they represent a benchmark of fitness I haven’t had in a while.

And because I respond better to threats of punishment than hopes of reward, I’ve set myself up with a few sticks and only one carrot.  The sticks?  Each goal has been assigned a monetary value and if I fail to achieve that goal, I have to give that amount of money to Jenny.  That’s money that could be spent on fabric, and I’ll do most anything to avoid parting with my sewing money.  And if I achieve my goals, then Jen* and I have planned a fun outing later this summer.

I’m looking forward to feeling strong again.

*Jen has her own set of goals, too, because as our history has shown, we refuse to do anything separately. 🙂