Megan’s post really resonated with me regarding Truth Telling.  It’s rarely fun to talk about the things in life that aren’t so hunky-dory.  We, as women, don’t want to appear “less than” or “lacking” in some area in our lives.  We want to have it all together.  But that isn’t life.  That daily minutiae is life and a lot of the time, it’s messy and unattractive.

It’s easier when you’re writing a blog to focus on all the positives.  You think, “My problems are small and inconsequential.  Why should I burden someone with such silly complaints?”  So, instead, you create a version of yourself that is “more”.  You perpetuate this myth:

  • “Oh look at all the wonderful things I’ve made!”
  • “Look at what an inventive and patient mother I am!”
  • “Please notice how my life is so together!  Don’t you wish you were me?”

Struggles happen.  More often than we like to admit.  Life really drags you down sometimes.  And while you’re down, she kicks you a couple of times just for good measure.

Life’s been kicking me lately.  I’m feeling “less”.   Less than perfect.  Oh, who are we kidding?  Less than mediocre.  Honestly, I feel like I’m failing miserably in all areas:  wife, mother, teacher, etc.  I feel like no one is getting the best version of me.

And most of all, I’m not treating myself like I deserve because of an overwhelming feeling of being “less than”.  Who decided that I’m failing?  Who set the bar so high in all areas of my life?  Oh, that’s right.  Me.

But writing this post has gotten me thinking.  Back in January, I planned on focusing on two guideposts this year, one of which was Let It Go.  It’s time to revisit that thought.  And the first thing I need to let go is the image in my head of what I must accomplish or who I should be to be successful.  I need to let go of the feeling of inadequacy and embrace who I am.  I need to let go of the image of perfection that is so totally unattainable and embrace the flawed person I am.  Being flawed is okay.  Perfection is overrated.

Time to lower (or throw out) the bar.