To the woman at the grocery store: When JB pointed at your daughter who was wearing glasses with one of the lenses covered and announced, “Look, Mommy!  That girl is a pirate!”, he truly meant it as a huge compliment.

To the man in the booth behind ours at the restaurant: I know you didn’t want to know that JB was “a little gassy.”  But let’s be honest here: whether he announced it or not, you were going to notice.  For that, I’m sorry.

To Pawpaw at our weekly Wednesday breakfast: JB shouldn’t have said your sausage link looked like “dog poop.”  I’m fairly certain he was just making an observation and not trying to be gross, but it was still…pretty gross.  Hope you’ll continue to go to breakfast with us!

To everyone at Panera within a 25-foot-radius of our table: I know you were just trying to enjoy your lunch hour.  And I know that a small voice announcing four times in a row at top volume, “That cow is pee-peeing into an ice cream cone!”, might have been both distressing and confusing.  Sorry about that.  But you have to admit – he had a point:Moo.