In my post about my sewing slump a couple of weeks back, I referenced the dress that I recently made that got me started thinking about making this the Summer of Dresses.

I actually made two versions of this pattern (after two muslins of the bodice to test fit).  The test version was in a charcoal chambray and the final version was in an Anna Maria Horner quilting cotton that I luuuuurve.  The cotton one is really floral and awesome, but I can see that I’ll get more use out of the chambray one.  It’s so neutral; it pairs equally well with a heeled sandal and a cowboy boot*.

So, here it is, the Simplicity 2177:2177

Please excuse that I had to crop my head out of this picture; it was crazy-windy when we were taking pictures, and so when we finally had a shot in which the dress wasn’t clinging to my body in an alarming manner, it also happened to include the moment when I was glaring at a tree.  (Yes.  Glaring.  At a tree.  Don’t ask – I have no clue what my face is ever doing in pictures.)

I really love this dress.  I like the little triangular inset in the bodice, and how it gives interest to an otherwise simple silhouette.  And pockets, y’all! Pockets!  All dresses should have pockets, because a lady never knows when she’ll need to carry around a dirty tissue for a toddler.

The fit on this version is slightly different than my final version; for my “real” dress, I ended up cutting the bodice one size smaller at the waistline, so my final dress fits me a little better.  But still…this one?  Gonna wear the heck out of it.

So, the Summer of Dresses came into being because of this pattern- just so you know where to place the blame when I post about dresses all summer long…

*So…because I’m from OK, I naturally own a pair of cowboy boots, and they are my dream boots.  They look like I stole them off an old leathery cowboy in a 1930s dance hall, all tooled leather and awesomeness.  But for some reason, I just don’t wear them, mostly because I haven’t the courage to wear cowboy boots with a skirt.  But this year, y’all – this year, I’m going to start doing that.  I’ll let you know how it goes.