Last week, I got this text from Jenny:

“I’m totally wearing cropped track pants in public.”

Okay, that doesn’t look all that shocking typed out up there.  But it actually is!  See,  Jen and I typically don’t wear anything but real clothes out of the house.  We don’t wear yoga pants to the grocery store, or pajama bottoms on a Sonic run (though we both immediately change into such clothes upon arriving home – it’s a Thing in our family, much to the bafflement of my husband).

Anyway, something is changing here lately, as the text from Jenny indicates.  We’re both starting to consider wearing not-real clothes out of the house!  And why?

Two reasons, as far as I can tell.  1. Elastic waists are just ridiculously comfortable, and 2.  we’re over 35, so no one is really looking at us and rules no longer apply!

And yet, what if it’s a slippery slope?  One minute, you’re wearing track pants at the grocery store, and next thing you know, you’re in sweats at a wedding.  Clearly, the answer is to find clothing that feels like loungewear but passes as real clothes.

Clothing like this awesome DIY maxi skirt from mad mim!

Maxi skirt!This tutorial is a breeze.  The skirt is literally four seams – one for each side of the skirt, one for the waistband, and one to join the two.  It takes less than one naptime to complete, and because it’s drafted for your body, you know it will fit how you want.  Plus, since it’s a knit, it’s seriously forgiving of any wonky sewing you might do, so it’s the ideal knit-beginner project.

I made mine with the comfy foldover waistband option:maxi waist

It’s as cozy as a pair of yoga pants, but looks much more pulled together.  And it’s so cool and swishy, you’ll want to live in it all summer long.  I’ve made two so far, and imagine I may have a drawer full by the end of summer.

This is totally one of my favorite pins yet!  Go make a maxi skirt!!