Back at the beginning of May, Jen and I set a few fitness goals for May and June.

Two of those goals had to be completed by 6/1 – so, how’d we do?

We killed it!  Yay!

The first goal was to run 40 miles during the month of May.  I really enjoyed this one – it got me to stretch out my usual 3.1 mile slog to a 4-mile run more often, which was fun.  Going into this hot Oklahoma summer, I imagine my running may naturally slack a little bit, but it’s good to know I’m still capable of setting running goals and sticking to them.

Our second goal was to be able to do 10 push-ups – you know, the real ones on our toes.  This was pretty challenging, because I haven’t done anything other than knee push-ups in years.  But, by being consistent and keeping after it, we both were able to do these by the end of the month.  I’m pretty proud of this one!

We still have one more goal from the original list, and that’s to do a crow pose by 7/1.  The slacking we did on vacation last week might make this challenging, but I think we’ll be okay.  If we learned anything in May, it’s that we can be pretty darn disciplined when money’s on the line.

Wish us luck!