My husband would tell you that I almost never make the same recipe twice, and that’s mostly true.  It’s just that I rarely find my perfect version of something, and what’s the point in settling when there are other recipes to try?

I’m really guilty of this when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.  I have a pretty good recipe for chocolate chip cookies, but it’s not my perfect cookie.  I love a cookie that has a crisp edge and a deep toffee flavor, and is chewy, chewy, chewy! I don’t like crisp chocolate chip cookies, or the soft, cakey ones.  I want a cookie that you really get to bite into.  I’ve tried a lot of recipes in search of this combination, and y’all?  I very well may have found The One.

The One(s)!

I found this recipe at Parents Need To Eat, Too, and the only change I made was to use salted butter in place of unsalted – I almost always use salted butter in cookies because I have a salt problem.  Anyway, it’s pretty much my perfect cookie – not crisp, but not soft.  It’s a cookie you really get to chew and the fact that you make the batter and then refrigerate for up to 36 hours?  AWESOME.  That means warm fresh cookies for an entire weekend, which may or may not have just happened.

So, go make these cookies and tell me what you think.  Or, if your perfect chocolate chip cookie has other specifications, what are they? And have your found your perfect recipe yet?

Yes, please.