My sewing machine suffered a small injury yesterday, and I had to take her for a check-up today; she’s gone for the next 5 – 7 days, and while that’s HORRIFYING, it’s also a good chance for me to do other things during my precious naptime window each afternoon.

Today, I decided to clean out my closet because lately I’ve been suffering from nothing-to-wear-itis, and that’s usually because I have too much in there to see what I actually like to wear.

Y’all, I took out easily two-thirds of my clothes (and I didn’t even touch the sweaters/hoodies).  A lot doesn’t fit comfortably (because I’ve got myself on this ice cream and wine diet and yet mysteriously have gained about 10 pounds) but might later (you know, when I switch back to real food and semi-frequent exercise) so I stored it.  And a lot of it was just…bad.  Things I bought for heaven-only-knows what reason, and things that don’t fit me well, and things that would be perfectly adorable on someone who is not me.

It was a weirdly disconcerting experience, because you guys, I’m 36.  How am I still this confused about what I like to wear?  And another thing: it’s like I only shop for clothes when I’m at my lowest possible maintainable weight! Because of my particular Weeble-ish build, and because Nature is a cruel mistress, all it takes for my pants size to change is 7 – 10 pounds.  My weight naturally fluctuates between about 139 and 150 (is it weird that I just told you how much I weigh? I truly, truly, truly believe one’s weight isn’t shameful, and I hope you feel okay about yours,  too) but that range is two different sizes of pants for me.  And while I have tons of cute pants in the smaller of the two sizes, I have very little in the larger size. Boo.

I’ll be honest – my first reaction was to think I needed to lose my ice-cream-and-liquor weight immediately so that I can fit in those smaller-sized cute items, but maybe that’s not the answer.  Wouldn’t it make more sense just to find a couple of things I love in this size that my body is right now and have them for the times when I’m at my higher weight?

I just want to stop having so much in my closet, but what’s in there needs to fit me and make me feel like myself regardless of where I am in my natural range.  Tell me: how do you approach your own wardrobe?  Help me figure this out!