Like we did last summer, Jen and I are taking the kids on the road each week for a Friday Field Trip.  This week’s adventure:  Bass Pro!

If you’re from a certain part of the country, you’re probably familiar with the awesomeness that is Bass Pro.  And if you’re not, it’s basically the Disneyland of outdoor shops.This big!

If you need it for hunting, fishing, camping, boating, etc., they sell it. And even better than that, the stores themselves are crazy fun – full of animals and waterfalls and giant aquariums and shooting galleries.  Needless to say, the boys (as we were without Emmy Lou for this trip) had a great time.

The boys

Somehow, JB managed to coax Man-Child into that tent with him.  Toddler juju!

And before our trip was finished, Jenny made a few new friends, and picked out her next set of stemware:Jenny and friends

It was a tremendously successful and cheap Friday Field Trip!  Can’t wait ’til next week!