Wow, has it really been almost two months since we’ve posted here at the ol’ blog?  Yikes!

Summer got a little crazy, what with all the swimming and napping and snacking and whatnot.  And then Jen and the kids headed back to school, and blogging fell by the wayside.

But we’ll be back really soon!  There’s lots to talk about: like, we’ve turned our mom (who hasn’t sewed in YEARS) into a quilter, and we three are kicking off our very own block-of-the-month get-together in the name of mother-daughter(s) bonding.  We’ve chosen twelve blocks that relate (however slightly!) to our beloved home state, and we’re calling it the Never Been to Heaven sampler (because we’re nerds for Hoyt Axton songs).  Expect pictures!

Also, I’ve discovered Stitch Fix, and I’m excited to find motivation to wear something other than yoga pants and tees. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a personal stylist service – you fill out a detailed style profile, and a stylist sends you 5 items based on your responses; you try them on in the comfort of your own home (with your own clothes/accessories – woo!), and keep what you like.  Anything you don’t like, you send back in the prepaid envelope within three days.  It’s crazy fun. And Jen is on board, too – she’s getting her first Fix next week and we’ll show off what she gets (unless she puts up a fight!).

Oh, and I cut my hair off.  Again.  The whole growing-it-out-thing is over.  Yay for short hair!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we’re still around and Boomtown Sisters hasn’t been abandoned.  Talk to everyone soon!