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I mentioned in my last post that we were starting a block-of-the-month sampler quilt with our mom now that we’ve hooked her on quilting.  We’re calling it the Never Been to Heaven sampler quilt, and we chose each block based on some connection to Oklahoma.  This weekend, we tackled our first block!  And because of our theme, it only made sense to choose the Road to Oklahoma as our first block!

road to oklahoma

It’s a pretty straightforward block – a few half square triangles, and handful of squares.  Because the three of us are new and/or very inexperienced quilters, we aren’t trying to make anything complicated – we just want to have fun, hang out, and drink coffee. A lot of coffee.’

Now, please don’t judge the block harshly based on my very sad rendition of it up there.  Who can say why I chose orange and purple colored pencils? Also, for our blocks, we decided to make the diagonal squares all one color, which is probably the most traditional version.

We had a great afternoon, and finished our blocks quicker than we expected. Here they are!Road to Oklahoma x 3!

Mine is on the left, Mom’s block is in the middle, and Jen’s is on the right.  I love seeing how different each block is because of our fabric choices.  I can’t wait to see the final quilts!